Thoughts from the tree stand.

Welcome to my weekly blog! This is my first post and here is my thought for the week. The image you see before you is a picture I took one morning while I was out deer hunting. While enjoying the hunt, I often found myself marveling in God’s great green, or in this case brown and white as it was early winter, creation. As I marveled this particular morning I began daydreaming. In the early morning light, shadows danced around the woods and played tricks on my eager eyes and mind as I waited for the forest to come to life.

Then, it dawned on me. What if something exciting were to happen to me while I was hunting? Not something exciting like a ten-point buck walking into view. No, more like, what if a ufo landed in the bean field on the other side of the fence? Or what if a sasquatch-like creature was stalking me as I sat, unsuspecting in my treestand? And that’s when it struck me. Inspiration. The picture you’re looking at was taken at the exact moment Martin came walking into my life. Martin is a fictional character in my book The Oasis King and it is my hope you will get to know him and care for him as much as I do, very soon. Anyway, I won’t plug the book here, but you should check it out. Lol.

My thought today is, where is your inspiration coming from? When does it hit you and how? Is it subtle or does it hit you like a city bus? I know for me, more often than not, It hits like a freight train and mostly when I have no way of taking down my thoughts. But that is how inspiration is supposed to work, it comes and goes when you least expect it and it can be little subtleties that only you notice or great billboard that everyone can see. It may be something you walk past everyday and then one day, bang! Inspiration, right in your face. God works that way too. He’s in all the little things, working in little ways, speaking to us in that still, quiet voice. And then again sometimes He’s right in your face like a billboard, or painted sunset that hundreds of people see, shouting in your ear. I AM HERE, I AM GUIDING YOUR FOOTSTEPS, I AM GOD. Where is your inspiration coming from? When does it hit you and how? Think about it. Dwell on it. Pray about it.

Have a great week!